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Hi!  I'm Roger - Welcome to my Home Page.

I have been playing guitar since I was a ten.  I learned a few chords from my Dad, took a few lessons over the years, and poured over many music lessons and books (thanks Mel Bay),and taught myself to play.  My passion to play was influenced by listening to artists like Jimmy Page, Billy Gibbons, Robin Trower, Tommy Bolin, Michael Schenker and more.  

Blues and rock are my biggest passions, but I dabble in jazz, fusion, funk, pop, even gospel from time to time.

My first band started with my best friend and musical genius, John French.  We called it Minas Tirith because we were all reading Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkein at the time.  The band morphed into several other versions, such as Voyage, Truth, and The Resistance.  We were young and full of energy and we rocked our hearts out.

My current musical interests are sundry and still evolving.

I perform with Hanover Fist, a Classic/Southern Rock and Blues band in Knoxville, Tennessee area.  Check us at MySpace/Hanoverfistftw.  And my personal project, Romeo Kings at MySpace/Romeokings. 

I am lauching my guitar instruction opportunities for anyone interested in taking guitar lessons.  Young or old, adult or child, experienced or novice - I am happy to provide guitar instructions tailored to your needs and desires.  If you want to shred like the speed metalists or chill like the folk singer, I am here to help you realize your dreams.

For Lessons:  Email me at


"Won't Somebody Feel Real Sorry For Me" - an original with my band Romeo Kings
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